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1 Feb, 2007

How Much is Your Pine Plantation Worth?

A Southern Forest Experiment Station computer program has been designed to show how various thinning techniques applied on a variety of pine sites will affect timber growth and yield.

The computer program was designed to predict yield on three separate pine plantations - poor, average and excellent sites. The poor site would only grow dominant trees 70 feet tall at age 50; the average site would grow trees 85 feet tall in that period of time; and the excellent site would have 100-foot-tall trees as the tallest in the stand at age 50.

The three experimental plantation stands had 400 live trees per acre at age 10 and were thinned first at age 15, then at age 22. At age 35 all the trees were harvested and the sites replanted. (Landowners not desiring to do a complete regeneration harvest, also called clear-cut, at stand age 35 could substitute a shelterwood cut or a seed tree cut wherein some trees are left to re-seed the tract. Once a satisfactory number of seedlings are established, the residual trees would then be removed.)

Age Amount Harvested/Acre Market Value
15 6.775 cords $101.63
22 5.2 cords 78.00
35 3,464 board feet 1,212.40
Total income/acre $1,392.03
Average return per acre/year $39.77

Age Amount Harvested/Acre Market Value
15 12.57 cords $188.65
22 5.43 cords 81.56
486 board feet 170.10
35 1.61 cords 24.18
8,335 board feet 2,917.25
Total income/acre $3,381.74
Average return per acre/ year $96.62


Age Amount Harvested/Acre Market Value
15 13.87 cords $208.12
612 board feet 214.20
22 4.78 cords 71.82
1,622 board feet 567.70
35 20,581 board feet 7,238.35
Total income/acre $8,300.35
Average return per acre/year $ 237.15

Select a table below which is appropriate for your property. The tables show the resulting yield and harvest income from all three sites, using the market values of $15/cord pulpwood and $350/thousand board feet of sawlogs.
The average return per acre/year was computed by dividing the total income/acre by 35 years.

Investing the income from age 15 to 22 thinning at 7.5 percent would, of course, increase the overall income at age 35.
Investment Potential
Poor Site Average Site Excellent Site
$1,845.94 $4,391.53 $10,679.87

Total Value (including
Invested thinning)

Average return per acre/year

Poor Site Average Site Excellent Site
$52.74 $125.47 $305.14

See your local county forester for assistance with your timberland or contact a Consulting
Forester (your county forester has a list of consultants).

Prepared by: Harold Anderson, Information & Education Forester, Mississippi Forestry Commission, from a U.S. Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station, computer program for managing plantations.


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