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Why Hire a Consulting Forester?

A Study Conducted at the University of Georgia
School of Forest Resources showed that private landowners working with professional foresters received as much as a 50% greater return on their timber with fewer trees harvested.
Source: ACF Consulting Foresters: Working for Your and Your Forest

"A couple was recently offered an unsolicited bid of $20,000 for their 20 acres of mature pine saw timber. Realizing the complexity of selling timber, the couple hired a consulting forester to watch out for their interest.

The consulting forester, who worked on a contract price for a percentage of the gross revenue, conducted a sealed-bid timber sale. Gross revenue from the sale was $39,895 - $19,895 more than the original unsolicited bid. This increase in income was significantly higher than the fee charged by the consulting forester."

Source: NCSU Cooperative Extension, Association of Consulting Foresters of America

First ... See a Consulting Forester

More than 75 percent of North Carolina forestland is owned by private, non-industrial landowners. But much of this valuable resource is not actively managed. By properly managing your forest, you can generate extra money from the sale of timber products;
improve wildlife habitat, aesthetics, recreation, and water quality; and increase land value. By seeking the assistance of a professional consulting forester, you can maximize the return on your forestlands.

Seek Professional Advice ...things to look for in a consulting forester:

There are a number of factors to consider when seeking professional advice.
Here are some questions to ask:

  • Are you an ACF (Association of Consulting Foresters of America) consulting forester?

    >> ACF is the platinum standard for consulting foresters. An ACF forester adheres to a strict code of ethics, holds a B.S. degree or higher in Forestry, has at least 5 years experience in consulting forestry, and participates in continuing forestry education.

  • What are your qualifications? (i.e. professional background, education & years of experience)
  • What is the difference between a consulting forester and a registered forester?

    >> To call oneself a consulting forester, a registered forester must sign an affidavit, stating: "I am not engaged and will not engage in any practice that constitutes a conflict of interest or in any way diminishes my ability to represent the best interests of my clients", i.e. to avoid a conflict of interest, and to have your best interests represented exclusively, make sure your forester uses the title, consulting forester.

  • More: Read the entire document (700k Adobe Acrobat file)
First...see a consulting forester
"There are a number of factors to consider when seeking professional advice..."

Read about key qualifications to consider before hiring a consulting forester.
Download PDF (700 kb)

* Courtesy of the NC Cooperative Extension service.
Further publications

* Courtesy of the NC Cooperative Extension service.

Call before you cut
Forestland owners can benefit greatly by using professional forestry assistance.

A timber harvesting guide for North Carolina Forest Owners:
Download PDF (400kb)

* Courtesy of the NC Forest Service.

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